About Me

Photographer, eventually

Based in Antwerpen (Belgium) but originally from Spain. I've started as a street photographer. Now I can't think about going out without the camera, Damn!. Well, I'm an amateur photographer and I'll try to stay like this. Sometimes I do portraits and product photography, but if weather is good ... hey I'm simply out there!. Occasionally I'm a geek, better, I used to be. I'm mainly shooting with Nikon and Hasselblad (thanks Paul!), RAW and B&W Film.

You have a cool project in mind?

Reportage Photography

I'm a gentle peeper and I'm curious, definitely I'm not a grey dude.

Image Processing

I use some editing techniques, mainly B&W.

Printing & Film

If it's not in paper, it doesn't exist. And yes, I love the smell of the negative.

Studio & Flash

Nice music, laid-back attitude. Don't worry, there's not much stuff around and I'm not a pervert.