Love Shack

There must be some reason why in the times we live in
there are still individuals who appreciate
the fact of keeping the clock stopped.

In spite of the inconveniences.
In spite of the incomprehension.

For the great majority, there is only the banality of the easy joke,
the absurdity that they are projecting by ganging in their void.

Maybe the reason for us to stop the clock
is nothing but the fact that even though they are a majority,
we know they can't swallow our apathy towards them.

They will never be able to stop the time.
Winding the clock is Our privilege. In due time.

Hey you mf'er!, there is always room for a love shack!.

Shots taken with Fomapan 100 @ EI 200 / Xtol (1+1) {8' @ 24 Deg.} || Nikon F100 / Zeiss Distagon T 28mm f/2 ZF2 :: Digital Transfer Scan D7100 / Nikon 50mm f/1.4 AF-D + Kenko Ext/Tube DG 12+20 mm (f:8 1/100)