Mirror Worlds

Recently I've discovered Jose Maria Rodriguez Madoz better known as Chema Madoz. A Spanish photographer, best known for his black and white surrealist and poetic photographs that shooked me. What a shame not knowing him before! Indeed. Simplicity, elegance, finesse, conceptual views, and time to think from the perspective of a poet is some of the skills you can perceive when looking at his work, just in front of you. Not to mention the excellence in execution, the detail when he is working during the printing stage. I have to admit I still need to learn how to take my time, that's a fact. Because I need that time, and that time needs me to be relaxed when making photographs, especially now the time we live in.

Here is a part of that time, it should be more.

Shots taken with Fomapan 100 @ EI 400 / Adox Rodinal {1+50 :: 12'30" @ 20 Deg.} || Nikon F100 / Zeiss 28mm F/2.0 Distagon ZF.2 {F8 1"}. Digital transfer by DSLR Scan D7100 / Nikon 50mm f/1.4 AF-D + Kenko Ext/Tube DG 12+20 mm (f:8 1/125) :: Tone Grading