In past months I discovered the fantastic work of Tom Baril. I am still not able to solarize a print due to the fact I do not have an enlarger. Even though it is not a trivial task but I am stubborn enough...

The approach, in that case, was to use the negative and process it as usual but starting from an overexposed image to take advantage. The truth is, sometimes the word 'negative' is not a pejorative word but the start of a new point of view

Here I followed the same approach but this time I tried to render the processed negative by giving the shots a Blueprint/Cyanotype tint. Indeed it is not the orthodox approach, I am not using the real photosensitivity taste the technique can provide, although it gives the final result a different mood.

The devil always finds work for idle hands and I am curious like a kid. Who knows what is the destination. The trip is always the motivation.

Shots taken with Ilford Pan F+ / Tetenal Ultrafin 1+20 {6' @ 20 Deg} || Hasselblad 503cw / Carl Zeiss Hasselblad Planar 80mm f/2.8 CF + Ext. Tube 21+55 (f:16 6"). Digital transfer by DSLR Scan D7100 / Tamron SP 35mm F1.8 Di VC USD x 2 PAN (f:8 1/250) :: Processed Negative :: Tone Grading